Friday, 4 April 2008

Where Have I Been?

Ok, I've not been so hot at posting but I have a good excuse. I've been very busy working on the SCBWI Scotland website and on the up-coming Logo Contest. Whew, it's a lot of work! Claira Jo and I are still trying to find a venue. We are a new chapter so we have very little money and the venue must come cheap or even free. (sigh) We hope to make this a big success so this won't be a problem in the future.

We were worried about prizes but no worries now. Here is a list of some brilliant authors and illustrators who have generously donated books, magazines or artwork for our contest. Their kindness will make this contest a wonderful success; without them we would be struggling! Please take the time to view this list and perhaps if a book title catches your interest, why not wander over to an on-line bookstore and support one of these lovely people.

Jane Clarke - picture book- Gilbert in Deep and Knight Time, Random House, Gerry O'Brian- Picture Books- Bubba Begonia, You'll Be Sorry from Acorn Press PEI, 2006 and Bubba Begonia and The Mudmen of The Koola Boola,2007, Bev Cooke- Middle Grade/Young Adult Novel- Feral from Orca Book Publishers, April 2008, Vanda Lavar- illustrator, Christine M. Irvin - Craft Books- The Mania craft series from Children's Press, Anna Myers- Middle Grade/Young Adult Book, Vicki Sansum- Illustrator, April Robbins- Picture Book-Zachary Goes Treasure Hunting, Tekla White - Historical fiction for kids, Kelly Milner Halls- Science-non fiction for kids, Annette Sheldon- picture book- Big Sister Now, Bernice Magee- children’s magazines- FACES, APPLESEEDS, and ODYSSEY, Janet S. Fox - Get Organized Without Losing It from Free Spirit Publishing, 2006, an award-winning book for kids, ages 9-14, Kay Millward- MG/YA Wobbly Witch & Kiki, Janet Foxley – MG/YA- Midsummer Legend, Radhika Meganathan- THE VILLAGE FAIR from Tulikabooks, Verna Harps Morrow- My Mommy Wears Army Boots

I have one more request. I had a list of blogs to put up on this site and I lost them. WHOOPS! If you are a children's writer, illustrator, publisher or editor and you have a blog or website please send me your link and I will be happy to include it on this site.

Have a great day!


Anita Marion Loughrey said...

Hi Charlotte,
Is your list of blogs and websites for SCBWI Scotland members only? I am a memeber of the British SCBWI (does that include Scotland too?) Well I wold love you to include my details if I'm eligible.
All the best,
Anita xxx

Low Carbon Kid said...

Hi - my Q is similar, but I'm sharing Celtic roots being in Wales! So if you feel able to please link to my sites -

Charlotte Anne Braden, ARA SCBWI Scotland said...

Hi Anita & David,
Consider your blogs and webpages linked. Scotland is a new chapter of SCBWI, in fact we are brand-spanking new. Check out our website at Ummm, I don't have that on my blog do I? DUH!
Smiles, Charlotte