Thursday, 31 July 2008


How cool is this? You can post almost any type of pictures on ImageKind so Illustrators you may want to check this out. For more info:



Smiles, Char

Sunday, 20 July 2008

Time Flies!

Oh, yes I know I haven't been very good about keeping this up to date. Smack me with a wet noodle if ya want. However, I haven’t been slacking. Honest! I've been reading tons and tons of blogs. Yes, your blogs. Why? Well, I have to figure what makes a great blog. How do I get YOU to read my blog? Gosh, that's easier said than done!
I'm working on it.

Check back here for progress.

In the mean time here's a photo for inspiration. What sort of short story can you come up with? Do you think you can come up with something in under 150 words or less? The first person to send their story of 150 words or less will have it published on my blog. WhoHoo! All right, maybe not a big deal but it's better than nothing!

Seal on West Wemyss Beach, Scotland

Smiles, Charlotte