Monday, 28 April 2008

Blogs, Favorites, Old and New!

Eh, now where should I start? What makes a great blog? I’ve been reading a ton and Boy, are there a lot out there! However, I do have a few favs.

An old favorite is one I’m sure many of you know about already is Margot Finke’s blog and website. She covers just about anything and everything you need to know about writing and if you can’t find it on her page you can be sure there is a link to direct you to where you will find it. Her Musings column featured on Harold Underdown’s Purple Crayon must not be missed!

She is quite the computer savvy lady, too! Loads of links, widgets and feeds cover her sites. She has thoughtfully put down the directions on how to include these on your site. Thanks Margot!

Be sure to check her sites at and You won’t be sorry!

A blog I’ve run across and quite like is Writer’s Block by Susan Humphreys. Susan has a very eclectic site with some very interesting articles like the double nosed dog called an Andean Tiger Hound but she also includes lots of writing news, too. Her most recent is letting us know of a writing competition, The Commenwealth Short Story Competition and an article on the book, Young Bond. She also directs us to a poll by Bloomsbury asking us Who is the best villain in children’s books? There also a review of Writer’s Forum magazine and announcing Writer’s Advice Centre Competition for 2008. Susan won the competition last year! WhoHoos for Susan!

I think it’s a very clever and informative site. She’s great at using news to inspire her in her writing. She has inspired me to open my eyes and see what I can find to spark a story. I can’t wait to what she what will pop out of her hat for my next visit.

Take a look you won’t regret it. Here is the link,

Smiles, Charlotte

Saturday, 19 April 2008

Communication! Resignation! Read of The Day!

The value of Communication!

Communication is a wonderful thing, especially these days with all the thingies we have to communicate with. However, things can go awry if one doesn’t properly utilize these wonderful thingies. E-mails for example, when you get one and it’s asking a question or giving you some great info, I do believe most people would answer back. There’s a few dark banana’s who for some reason, don’t. Why? Do they ignore you on purpose? Do they not read all the e-mail? Or just flake out and think you can mind read? I’d love to know? (Excuse my excessive use of things and thingies!) :O)


For those of you who would like to know I have resigned my post as ARA of Scotland due to unforeseen circumstances. While I loved what I was doing and hope SCBWI Scotland goes on to bigger and better things I cannot be a part of it. Boo! I am still a member of SCBWI and will continue to be so. Whoop!

Read of the day!

I LIKE THIS POEM edited Kaye Webb
This is a collection of poetry for children chosen by children. It was first published in 1979. I bought my copy in 2005. It is still available on for 4.49.

The first chapter starts with poems chosen by 6&7 year olds and continues up though age 15. After each poem is a small blurb from the child telling why this poem was chosen; some of them are quite profound and some are great for a giggle. I love to see how the types of poetry changes as the children get older.

One of my favorite poems is in this book, Silver by Walter De La Mare, (page 144) in the 13 year olds section. As well as On the Ning Nang Nong by Spike Milligan, (page 10) Tartary by Walter De La Mare, (page ) Upon the Snail by John Bunyan, (page 23) I’ve Had this Shirt by Michael Rosen, (page 99) The Lady of Shalott (part 1) by Alfred Lord Tennyson, (page 155) The Paint Box by E.V. Rieu, (page 158) Chamber Music by James Joyce, (page 164) and The Listeners by Walter De La Mare. (page176)

You may notice I love Walter De La Mare and am thrilled this book has so many of his poems. My Bookworms favorite is the Upon the Snail. She memorized this soon after I bought this book in 2005. We have read this book so much the pages are getting quite worn but we still find something new every time we open this book.

Smiles, Charlotte

Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Comments & Rejections! WhoHoo's & BooHoo's!

Things I’ve got to remember, Like check my comments!

Ok, so you know I’m new to blogging but I did a very dumb thing. I forgot to check my comments. Don’t ask, I don’t know, but I did.
Wow, I even had comments, lots of comments, nice ones, too! So, I owe an apology to those of you who have left comments. Sorry! Thanks to those who have linked to my blog. You have now been added to my links, too. Thank You!
I will try to do better in the future and check my comments on a daily or at least every couple of days .

Rejections? I just received another one. A nice one, they usually are. This one is from Flashlight Press. Same old thing, they like my ms but it is not right for them at this time. They have a similar book previously published. Yes, well, I sometimes think the truth is s-t-r-e-t-c-h a bit. Just because one book of theirs has a character who happens to be an older person doesn’t mean my ms is the same. If so, they’d be in trouble, how many books are out there using kids as characters? It’s the same difference! Well, I think so anyway. How about you? Has this happened to anyone else?

Saturday, 5 April 2008

Awesome Picture Book

Bookworm and I checked out a great picture book from the library. In fact we liked it so much we checked it out again. What is this fabulous book? It’s My Hippie Grandmother by Reeve Lindbergh and Illustrated by Abby Carter. We both loved everything about this book, the story written in verse and the pictures. It’s brilliant to read and a delight to the eyes.
It starts out with a little girl telling about her grandmother who hasn’t cut hair since 1969 and how happy she is that she is her grandmother. Her grandmother drives a purple bus, has a cat named Woodstock, a boyfriend named Jim, and has vines growing in her shower and posters saying Love and Flower Power in her bedroom. She is shown by her grandmother how to garden, and bake bread. Her grandmother and Jim lull her to sleep by playing Amazing Grace on the banjo and guitar and tucking her in bed under psychedelic sheets. Grandmother tells her she can be anything she wants and she’ll find the perfect job one day when she grows up but the little girl wants to grow up to be just like her grandmother.
I’m not an artist but the illustrations seem to be either water color or chalk. They fit with the book. Grandmother is shown with a flower wrapped around her big toe and wearing long brightly colored loose skirts with very long flowing grey hair and lots of beads and baubles. It’s worth taking the time to view each page. This book was published by Walker Books in 2003. So take a trip to the library or stop by your fav on-line bookstore because this is a winner.

I just found out an interesting fact as I was lookig for the webpage or blog for this author. Reeve is a girl and the youngest daughter of Charles Lindbergh. Wow! She has many other books. I couldn't find a link to her personal blog or author website but I did find this.

and here is one for Abby Carter where you can see her wonderful drawing style.

Smiles, Charlotte

Friday, 4 April 2008

Where Have I Been?

Ok, I've not been so hot at posting but I have a good excuse. I've been very busy working on the SCBWI Scotland website and on the up-coming Logo Contest. Whew, it's a lot of work! Claira Jo and I are still trying to find a venue. We are a new chapter so we have very little money and the venue must come cheap or even free. (sigh) We hope to make this a big success so this won't be a problem in the future.

We were worried about prizes but no worries now. Here is a list of some brilliant authors and illustrators who have generously donated books, magazines or artwork for our contest. Their kindness will make this contest a wonderful success; without them we would be struggling! Please take the time to view this list and perhaps if a book title catches your interest, why not wander over to an on-line bookstore and support one of these lovely people.

Jane Clarke - picture book- Gilbert in Deep and Knight Time, Random House, Gerry O'Brian- Picture Books- Bubba Begonia, You'll Be Sorry from Acorn Press PEI, 2006 and Bubba Begonia and The Mudmen of The Koola Boola,2007, Bev Cooke- Middle Grade/Young Adult Novel- Feral from Orca Book Publishers, April 2008, Vanda Lavar- illustrator, Christine M. Irvin - Craft Books- The Mania craft series from Children's Press, Anna Myers- Middle Grade/Young Adult Book, Vicki Sansum- Illustrator, April Robbins- Picture Book-Zachary Goes Treasure Hunting, Tekla White - Historical fiction for kids, Kelly Milner Halls- Science-non fiction for kids, Annette Sheldon- picture book- Big Sister Now, Bernice Magee- children’s magazines- FACES, APPLESEEDS, and ODYSSEY, Janet S. Fox - Get Organized Without Losing It from Free Spirit Publishing, 2006, an award-winning book for kids, ages 9-14, Kay Millward- MG/YA Wobbly Witch & Kiki, Janet Foxley – MG/YA- Midsummer Legend, Radhika Meganathan- THE VILLAGE FAIR from Tulikabooks, Verna Harps Morrow- My Mommy Wears Army Boots

I have one more request. I had a list of blogs to put up on this site and I lost them. WHOOPS! If you are a children's writer, illustrator, publisher or editor and you have a blog or website please send me your link and I will be happy to include it on this site.

Have a great day!