Saturday, 5 April 2008

Awesome Picture Book

Bookworm and I checked out a great picture book from the library. In fact we liked it so much we checked it out again. What is this fabulous book? It’s My Hippie Grandmother by Reeve Lindbergh and Illustrated by Abby Carter. We both loved everything about this book, the story written in verse and the pictures. It’s brilliant to read and a delight to the eyes.
It starts out with a little girl telling about her grandmother who hasn’t cut hair since 1969 and how happy she is that she is her grandmother. Her grandmother drives a purple bus, has a cat named Woodstock, a boyfriend named Jim, and has vines growing in her shower and posters saying Love and Flower Power in her bedroom. She is shown by her grandmother how to garden, and bake bread. Her grandmother and Jim lull her to sleep by playing Amazing Grace on the banjo and guitar and tucking her in bed under psychedelic sheets. Grandmother tells her she can be anything she wants and she’ll find the perfect job one day when she grows up but the little girl wants to grow up to be just like her grandmother.
I’m not an artist but the illustrations seem to be either water color or chalk. They fit with the book. Grandmother is shown with a flower wrapped around her big toe and wearing long brightly colored loose skirts with very long flowing grey hair and lots of beads and baubles. It’s worth taking the time to view each page. This book was published by Walker Books in 2003. So take a trip to the library or stop by your fav on-line bookstore because this is a winner.

I just found out an interesting fact as I was lookig for the webpage or blog for this author. Reeve is a girl and the youngest daughter of Charles Lindbergh. Wow! She has many other books. I couldn't find a link to her personal blog or author website but I did find this.

and here is one for Abby Carter where you can see her wonderful drawing style.

Smiles, Charlotte

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