Saturday, 19 April 2008

Communication! Resignation! Read of The Day!

The value of Communication!

Communication is a wonderful thing, especially these days with all the thingies we have to communicate with. However, things can go awry if one doesn’t properly utilize these wonderful thingies. E-mails for example, when you get one and it’s asking a question or giving you some great info, I do believe most people would answer back. There’s a few dark banana’s who for some reason, don’t. Why? Do they ignore you on purpose? Do they not read all the e-mail? Or just flake out and think you can mind read? I’d love to know? (Excuse my excessive use of things and thingies!) :O)


For those of you who would like to know I have resigned my post as ARA of Scotland due to unforeseen circumstances. While I loved what I was doing and hope SCBWI Scotland goes on to bigger and better things I cannot be a part of it. Boo! I am still a member of SCBWI and will continue to be so. Whoop!

Read of the day!

I LIKE THIS POEM edited Kaye Webb
This is a collection of poetry for children chosen by children. It was first published in 1979. I bought my copy in 2005. It is still available on for 4.49.

The first chapter starts with poems chosen by 6&7 year olds and continues up though age 15. After each poem is a small blurb from the child telling why this poem was chosen; some of them are quite profound and some are great for a giggle. I love to see how the types of poetry changes as the children get older.

One of my favorite poems is in this book, Silver by Walter De La Mare, (page 144) in the 13 year olds section. As well as On the Ning Nang Nong by Spike Milligan, (page 10) Tartary by Walter De La Mare, (page ) Upon the Snail by John Bunyan, (page 23) I’ve Had this Shirt by Michael Rosen, (page 99) The Lady of Shalott (part 1) by Alfred Lord Tennyson, (page 155) The Paint Box by E.V. Rieu, (page 158) Chamber Music by James Joyce, (page 164) and The Listeners by Walter De La Mare. (page176)

You may notice I love Walter De La Mare and am thrilled this book has so many of his poems. My Bookworms favorite is the Upon the Snail. She memorized this soon after I bought this book in 2005. We have read this book so much the pages are getting quite worn but we still find something new every time we open this book.

Smiles, Charlotte


terri.forehand said...

Hello, nice blog. I get so busy checking my email and internet thingies that I forget to or don't have time to write...not a good thing. Thanks for the reminder that our communication can get in the way as well as become an asset to our career.

Charlotte Anne Braden, Children's Writer! said...

Hi Terri,
Thanks for writing! I'm glad you agree. WhoHoo, someone thinks like I do!

I hope you stop by more often.

Smiles, Charlotte

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