Tuesday, 13 May 2008

The Slimy Book, A Book Review!

The Slimy Book By Babette Cole
ISBN 0-09943426-1
Published by Red Fox a division of Randomhouse
Paid UK 5.99
(british pounds at Amazon.co.uk)

The Slimy Book by Babette Cole is a wonderfully cute rhyming about slimy things. I bought this for my daughter mainly because there is a picture of a snail on the cover and she loves snails.

Length of Book: Typical picture book- 32 pages
Illustrations: Looks like watercolor.

The pictures are adorable from the snail dripping slime on the front cover to the Fat Ladies rubbing slime on their skin to make them thin. This also happens to be my favorite picture. Four chunky ladies dressed in belly-dancing outfits…Each has a sparkly bra-like top on. Oh La La! Very round bellies hang over their skimpy pants and bells dangle on matching belts stretched around their hips. Each is dressed in a soft shade of green, pink, blue or yellow. Oh, most importantly, they are each holding a bottle of “SlimSlime” in one hand while rubbing it on their tummies with the other. This picture makes me snicker each and every time. I suppose if I was gullible enough one of these lovely ladies could be me.

My bookworm loves reading this and having me read this to her. It is a fun book with lots of words that feel quite like what they are describing. The book starts out… Sticky, sludgy, slippy slime the sloppy, ploppy, creepy kind. And goes on to… Maybe it’s lurking in the loo. Careful! It could pounce on you! Or I wonder how it really feels, slurping slimy jellied eels…. See what I mean. You just have to drag the words out…Ssssliiimy, Sssslurping…. This is a fun, silly book which will produce many giggles as you read it.

Product Details: ISBN: 0099434261
Format: Paperback,
Pub. Date: August 2003
Publisher: Red Fox
Barnes & Noble Sales Rank: 216,371
Age Range: 5 to 8

Babette Cole's Website - http://www.babette-cole.com/

This book is one of those that will be read over and over and over again.

Smiles, Charlotte

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